Father's For Custody Donations level 1

Donations Level 1

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  1. level 1 is $5-$50 donations each of these you will receive our Promotional Tee shirt
  2. Second Level  $51-$200  donations, each of these you will receive anything from our Brand Items, and headlined at all events as a supporter. Also vacation destination of your choice to one of our 8 locations
  3. Third Level  $201-$500, everything from above and vacation this level gets you a United States trip, and a Mexico Destination.  And give you All inclusive updates on our companies growth plans, giving you first opportunity to become the builders of a better future.
  4. Fourth Level $501 and up, everything above and your name becomes part of Fathers For Custody, if you would like to join then this donation gives you a spot on the Board of Directors.