The Words From the Hero's, Able to overcome the desire and
focus on the task at hand

"You have been a tremendous help man, I am greatly appreciative, I am still not sure where I would be with out your personal Support.  Thank You Billy"

Mr. Vickers-(Leander Texas)

Won Custody of His Daughters With us, Two of his daughters are not biological, we got him custody of them too with CPS help.

"You Are a good man Billy, I look up to you, I really look up to you.  Thank you for everything you are doing, it helps more then anything, hearing you say YOU CARE FOR EACH OF US, we cant help but believe in you"

Mr. Wheeler III- (Killeen, Texas)

Working on Getting His Boys Back

"I just want to send out a big thank you to Mr strange for helping me move forward with my life. Being able to get my divorce started and put the pas where it belongs!"

Mrs. Sandifer- (Timpson, Texas)

Got Full Custody Of her Kids with Our service

Divorce Package

Divorce Package

This Package will give you access to all our forms you will need for the divorce, starting to ending.  The whole divorce process in the State of Texas usually at a quick case is at least 60 days, and they do this to make sure there is no way you both are going to get back together or wanting to fix your relationship, so after the 60 days from first file the process starts.  Now we want to make sure you get the first file, so call us as soon as possible so we can get the upper hand.  Be sure to buy the Coaching Sessions as well so we can build you a case that will get you what you want.
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Richard Lee Brock

National Advocate For Vets

"There Needs to be more programs out there like this"

Elizabeth Lopez

Wonderful Parent and All Around Great Supporter

"You have taken a horrible negative in your life, and truly turned it into an amazing Positive Company, Always support you"

Mrs. Elexis-(Hutto, Texas) 

Insurance Agent, Won Her Divorce with us

"Definitely will recommend, very informative group, helpful at all times of the day, Equality in the form of helping women as well. 

The Team

Helping Our Leader Change Lives

"We appreciate you more then you could understand, Billy You have a way of understanding any situation involving hard times, pain, or just knowing the best ways to parent, You have given all your money to clients and our Gas Tanks, We Have your back forever."


Peace In Our Family Environments, Communities Helping Each Other, People Building Up People, and Following Your Heart.

  • Years of Experience Through out our Team
  • 48 Clients and Over 98% Success Rate
  • Reaching To Central, East, and West Texas We have Grown Very Quickly
  • Our Only Bad Reviews On Google are From My Ex Wife and Her Friend
  • We have multiple packages to help with any situation you are in, and Priced WAY LESS
  • The Vision of Our President, Billy Strange, is Insane to some, But to watch the process, nothing in that vision has deviated from course, it's perfectly moving to build a legacy and to continue changing lives for eternity
  • Give us a Call to Verify if What we say is True, I would love to speak to each person, learning how to become better for you all.


True Strength is a journey. It never rests, it never quits. It's about overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and recognizing achievements. And then it resets to achieve again. As your trusted Community Company, We demonstrate the same passion that a mother has for her newborn child to each and every client and supporter.

Exclusive Mens Polo LImited Edition

Fathers Polo

Fathers Polo

Men's Polo Shirt The polo shirt is not just for tennis or golf anymore; in fact, it spans the entire style spectrum from street savvy to country club chic.
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Billy Strange

President, Visionary, Unstoppable, We will Rebuild the Family Division

I have grown up with the effects of a failed Court System and watched everyone around me in our Poor Upbringing loose not only their lives, but college funds, house savings, Dignity, self awareness. 
As a child I witnessed suicide from a friend of my family due to not being allowed to see his children, and chose that route because he had no one to help him with no money.  My best friend i grew up with and he was basically my brother, hung himself the night the judge took the 2 girls he had custody of and took all those years he raised them and then handed them to the mother, because he worked for the oil fields. 

He too had no one to help him, and the mother right after court took off with the kids, he lost his mind and hung himself.  Then I went through my Divorce, and almost 4 custody battles later $15,000 lost, beautiful house lost, cars sold, jobs lost due to stress or not enough money.  The Court Took My 2 Daughters I had custody of from me, because My car broke down on the way there, My Ex Wife Passed me walking, slowed down, then left me.  She went in and in less then 3 minutes let the judge know that she hasn't heard from me and I was

"Abusive" "Dead beat with Traffic Tickets." 

And Have not been able to see my daughters since then, judge took my custody with no knowledge of anything, and this happens daily, and more suicides are happening to a failed system built to pay lawyers and therapist, to not ever get the true facts in the courtroom.   I spent many months studying everything FAMILY LAW,  I am Ruthless when it comes to protecting the children in our Clients Cases, I will PROMISE, if you just listen and follow everything i need you to do, each day, then you have no chance of losing, but I will be brutally honest with you, and I will be blunt, and If I see you choose not to listen, then you are choosing your environment distractions over ensuring your child is protected, I will then show you the horrible effects of NOT STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.... 

When You come into my office, all your distractions are forced to be removed, I will keep attacking the things the devil wants you to hold on to,   Until You get the picture, 
Then I will force feed you all the confidence and knowledge you will ever need, 
If you decide to budge and attempt to give up, I will show up at your house and make sure your kids are priority, and I will pay to take your family out everyday if needed to.  So that I force the person I know is inside to see nothing but the reason you came to me in the first place.

Do not Expect fancy lawyer words, Do not expect me to print all of your homework, if you do not have a printer I will buy you one, but when You step into My Office, It is now time to shut up, listen, and follow instructions no matter what,  IF not then you will lose what you wanted to fight for

Billy Strange-Austin, TEXAS 
WE ALL NEED A MIRROR, Sometimes to see what pain looks like after a sacrifice