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FFathers For Custody we will Create a future of Unity, Learning to stand together through the storm as we build a society of teachers for the generations to come, When no one else decides to fix the family, we are there to guide our youth into Parenthood.

TThe foundation of this was sadly built during the era of America’s Economic Downturn. The 1980’s was a time when parents were given the chance to make decisions that would create the stepping stones into the present day period of 2018. The effects were largely unseen in the long run. women were, then, given the rights to be equal in the eyes of society. Now while women viewed this shackle breaking experience as a stand to freedom, The drugs were pouring through the American Households completely disguising reality as an escape. 

WWhen Women and Men were fighting in the streets for equality, Hustling in the skyscrapers for the penthouse position, the biggest destructive force to ever attack America had started in the streets of poverty, Children were forced to watch. Drug induced society was blooming, parents versus parents. Mom verses Dad, Family versus Drugs, divorces exploded. And The Family Law Council could not pass this up, in fact, they to this day have not updated the legalities of the Family Law from the 1930’s. They keep the Courtroom Wars one sided. 

TThe Family Law System has silently, unregulated, became the most corrupt profit aimed, war machine that would continue to have infinite supply of drugs and fathers. The abuse of the Restraining Order which was learned by women, the Judge will grant every one of them, causing now millions of children to have no say. Fathers began Fearing the courtroom. Mothers took the children that had been watching all this war going on in their own house, and held them in front of their Fathers heart to drain his bank account and then pull them back, or put him in jail. 

DThe birth of the Millennial's, These children are the most hated children in the history of Humans. Millennial's are said to be the death of humanity, or the children of death. Today we have a society of children who have no clue how to handle their feelings, emotions, and they are just destroying the world around them. To watch the world die and that being all they see, watching the family fall as they grew older, they have learned that both parents have now disappeared. We blame the children still. America quoting the children as having social issues, or unable to understand emotions. It is visible to anyone watching, I thought. But they have passed laws that make it legal now to arm schools to kill the children who decide to come in with guns. America’s solution to the family division, arm people and shoot, I ran a few debates and national polls, all of which showing that people believe it is much more safe and smart to arm the public to kill the kids. Instead we need to Gather the data, the study has already been made by other groups in the past, covered up by present. Re Design our school systems to implement programs to start helping these children instead of putting them in a JAIL system. Our schools are a joke to the rest of the world, a child can by-pass the entire system and still own a company as long as they know how to use a computer and build a team of money hungry people. 


1 Reach out with Social Media, and Local media companies across the nation and show the facts of this, and create a social outreach to help these children learn to cope with the feelings, emotions, and ways to become positive promoters in this new world.

2Keep helping families in the Family Court System, by listening to the story and evaluating the story to the point of tearing down the conflicts between the parents, allowing them to enter the courtroom with a different angle and different view on how to solve problems with communication, planning, and not to attack the other parent by blaming and victimizing themselves, but to help the other party accept the loss and help them get back up on their feet and learn to raise the children together, co parenting, but no more using children as the weapon, no more attacking. We have a great leader who personally takes on all clients and guides them into this journey, he takes them to sit first hand in the courtroom the client will be, and they watch cases as many times as they need before the client is comfortable.

3Monthly Missions to reach out to the community and Host events to help family growth and team building helping bridge the gap of distance within the family. Getting local Small Business to help us by promoting them with our mission, bringing them up with us, so that the communities we are a part of accept our vision of building a better family.

4Create community learning/ Awareness programs with local Universities to help create advocates in Family Law, Allowing knowledgeable citizens to now take the teachings into the city meetings, starting the foundation growth to reach the White House. 

5Developing a yearly funding solution to build an Imagination Creation Station, for children ages 18 months to 10 years of age. An alternative option to public school funded by the local businesses, investors, anyone that is interested in putting a long term investment into our youth of the future, building a stronger and more intelligent society, able to think outside of our normal understanding, our current school system design was and still is used to teach us as children to fall in line, listen to the boss, leave on the sound of a bell (assembly Line). Building a system that allows children to think for themselves, allow their imagination to try and solve problems before slapping them with a ruler, Understanding that the problems of the pasts are different then the problems the children of now are having to deal with. A system that grows with the Country, constantly evolving to reflect.

6Creating A team to campaign for federal grants to fund our court affiliated Drug, Alcohol, Dependence, University. DAD U. A program that uses a reverse psychology that allows these people who are going through problems of today, to come into our fully move in ready barrack type homes. So that they will have the very basics of living, (a bed, dresser, television, desktops, kitchens, restrooms). We will have daily schedules, from Breakfast to Dinner. Life and Health Coaches, will hold classes daily to help them learn how to think more positively. Then we will have a Program where they can choose to become a Life/Health Coach or Drug, Alcohol, Dependence University Counselors. Giving them their own Classroom to teach others, sending them to other cities in the world if they choose. We will design a flow design that brings them in with nothing, and to come out with a chance to rebuild their entire life, teaching them job skills and training classes that will give them licenses to create a better second chance. Giving them the chance to help others once they leave and feel like they have people who depend on them